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Aug 5, 2015

Today, we’re throwing it back to 2013 with this old school podcast, straight from the Sex With Emily vault. Emily welcomes a special guest, fellow sexpert and author of “Tickle His Pickle,” Dr. Sadie Allison. The two offer adept advice about sex, relationships and how to make your partner’s “pickle” feel amazing.


Dr. Sadie shares different grips, tips and techniques to employ while giving your man the old rub & tug, from the “Sausage Wrap” to the “Pleasure Tunnel” and more. She and Emily also share tips on clitoral stimulation, prostate massages and other sexually creative ways to use your hands. Plus, Emily takes calls from listeners who share their “best sex ever” stories.

If your oral work has been feeling a little lackluster or your tug-of-love could use some work, this throwback podcast is for you! Get step-by-step guidance from two bonafide sex and dating experts in this Best Of podcast!