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Feb 8, 2016

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and Emily, Menace & Producer Madison have got the international day of love on the mind. From advice for picking the perfect flowers for your partner to tips for keeping your Valentine’s night as hot as possible, this show is a veritable grab-bag of all things V-day.

The approaching holiday isn’t the only topic of discussion, however. The group mulls over a smorgasbord of sexual subjects! Menace share’s his feelings about foot fetishes, Madison shares a sensual sex story and Emily tells us exactly what she would do if she had a penis for a day.

While many of us are spending this week frantically finalizing our picture-perfect plans and finding unparalleled presents to show our love this Sunday, take some of the pressure off and let Sex With Emily help! Get detailed insight on how to prep for the big day, and hear a fun tidbit or two along the way.