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Oct 13, 2015

Today, Emily welcomes professional speaker, writer and sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell to the podcast. Together, Ava and Emily traverse a wide range of topics, including keeping the intimacy alive in your marriage, dealing with sexual guilt and exploring your erogenous zones.

From her charming definition of intimacy to the best ways to find your nipple orgasm, Ava has a wide range of tips for pleasure and fulfillment, and shares hard-hitting hints on how to have a satisfying sexual and romantic life. She also assists Emily in answering listener emails, covering the subjects of post-sex guilt, long-term sexual dissatisfaction and the importance (or lack thereof) of penis size!

Whether you’re ready to uncover erogenous zones you never knew you had or to address resentments from a partner that you never knew they had, this Sex With Emily podcast provides fail-safe problem solving tools to take you from confused to sexually content. Don’t miss it!