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Oct 3, 2014

Do you ever feel like we get so caught up on being great lovers that we’ve forgotten some of our most basic bedroom moves? I mean sure, you can twist yourself into a pretzel during doggie style, but if you can’t give a good hand job, what’s the point? This show is all about taking you back to the basics, to the things you think you learned in middle school, but forgot along the way.

Between talk of self-loving and selfish lovers, Emily gives some much-needed masturbation education and shares why getting to know your own body is the key to amazing sex.

Speaking of amazing sex, did you know the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and solely exists for female pleasure? Emily shares advice on how to move during sex in order to stimulate that magical O-button.

Emily explains why your hygiene habits might be what stands between you getting laid or going home with dirty fingernails, then Emily’s assistant Madison teaches us all about the TPC epidemic - No it’s not a new R&B group, but it is a good reason to “freshen up” before sex.

Also discussed:

  • The stigma surrounding female masturbation

  • Tips to help you slow down and really be present in the bedroom

  • The undeniable attractiveness of sexual confidence

  • The fundamentals of down-there grooming

This show will remind you what skills you’ve been missing in the bedroom, and help you to be an all-around better lover! Don’t miss it!