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Feb 2, 2016

If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, enhance your love life or improve things between the sheets, communication is the key! This show is all about improving your communication skills in the dating world, in your long term relationship, and of course, in the bedroom. Emily tackles your questions about how to appropriately and effectively address your concerns with your partner, whether you’re dealing with jealousy, orgasm dishonesty, or opening your partner’s eyes to something new in bed.

Emily and Anderson also reveal a few sex statistics that might surprise you. Find out how common it is for singles to hook up at the gym and which machines to hang around if you’re looking to get laid. Also, learn how using contraception increases your likelihood of having more and better sex — I guess safe sex IS great sex afterall.

If you’re tired of faking your O’s, or are looking for tips on how to communicate your coital concerns, then this show is not one to miss!