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Nov 3, 2015

Today’s podcast comes to you straight from the Sex With Emily vault. This blast from the past is all about adding some SEX-citement to your life and trying new things both in (and outside) the bedroom. So strap on your time-travel boots, ‘cause we’re taking you back to November 1st, 2011 to get acquainted with your new naughty bucket list!

A wet t-shirt contest: degrading or liberating? Giving a hickey: intimate or immature? Sex in the rain: wet and wild or totally not worth it? Emily and Menace offer their opinions and experiences when it comes to a long list of sexual To-Do’s that everyone should try at least once in their sex lives! They also answer your emails on squirting and money-lending between lovers, and give you tips to get in or out of a slippery situation.

This classic Sex With Emily episode will give you all the fuel you need to cross a couple things off your own sexual bucket list. From public sex to casual sex, disco balls to magic 8 balls, the invigorating ideas are nonstop in this throwback podcast!