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Nov 6, 2015

Today’s podcast comes to you straight from the 2014 Sex With Emily archives. Emily and Anderson welcome guest Skin Diamond, a nude model and decorated adult film star, to the show to trade tips and tricks in all areas of our favorite topic: sex!

Have you ever wanted a porn star’s advice on how to be better in bed? You’re in luck! Whether you’re interested in improving at cunnilingus, fellatio, anal or even DP, Skin Diamond has plenty of advice to share. She gives instructions on how to utilize variation, tease your partner into pleasure-town, and maintain a sense of humor about sex — It is playtime for grown-ups after all! She and Emily also offer guidance for a caller on how to help his wife unleash her wildest fantasies.

This erotic and educational podcast covers all essential areas of sexual activity that we could all probably stand to learn more about! From kitty play to blow bangs, this classic episode is sure to teach you at least one sexy tidbit that you didn’t know, not to mention help you get to know the amazing Skin Diamond on a more intimate level! Don’t miss it.