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Oct 1, 2014

This Podcast is all about keeping it classy.. Just kidding!

Emily is joined in the studio by a surprise guest who is no stranger to talking sex. Mike Catherwood, well-known radio personality and one half of the Loveline dream team, stops by to talk love and masturbation.. Among other things.

Emily and Mike discuss following your passions and what it takes to give a really good Podcast. Emily tells the story of how she came into the Podcast game, and Mike shares the epic tale of his most recent masturbatory conquest. Mike and Emily discuss the How-To’s of masturbation as a new father, no details spared!


Then they move on to the good stuff. Mike and Emily talk about a recent PornHub study on what women want in pornography. They discuss why women are so into lesbian porn, and why, according to Mike, most dudes are not. This leads to a talk on fantasies and the meaning behind them.


Next it’s on to the relationship talk- Emily talks about some of the most common question she gets asked, and how to handle them. Then Mike shares the story of the slow romancing of his now wife, from Loveline to Twitter to waiting six months for sex, and talks about how sometimes the things that make you “Undateable” might end up being the things that someone loves about you most.


This totally random, totally uncensored show tackles some interesting questions. Do all guys jerk off standing up? Why does Emily need a wife? And how does one masturbate like Mike Catherwood?


All this and more in my latest Podcast!