Sex With Emily

Today, Emily welcomes three lovely ladies to the podcast to dish, discuss, and dissect all things sex and dating. From early sexperiences to porn picks to Pubic Grooming 101, Harriet, Atara, Chloe hold nothing back as they share sex stories and personal preferences revolving around everyone’s favorite topic.


From different walks of life and different stages of love, these ladies have an expansive collection of experiences to pull from and they’re laying it all out for your listening pleasure. Even Menace has some questions for this gaggle of gals! How can you tell if a girl is really into you? How often do women ask men out on dates? What universal turn-off should all men avoid? Their answers might pleasantly surprise you!

Different masturbation tactics, orgasm styles, sexual fantasies and toys are just the tip of the iceberg on today’s Sex With Emily podcast.

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