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Jul 11, 2014

On the latest podcast Emily interviews adult film star Siri, the all-natural beauty who has swiftly skyrocketed to success. Listen in as this self-proclaimed “late bloomer” turned sex-positive bombshell give specific tips for performing oral sex on women (and men), anal sex, the truth about faking orgasms - on and off camera, her favorite position and her fantasy role as Power Girl in the world of cosplay. 

Siri shares why her biggest turn on is dirty talk, how to deal with jealousy in a non-monogamous relationship and how she went from being a Texas girl to being named the AVN Performer of the Year.

Also, Emily gives us the inside scoop about her night out at a Hollywood premiere party and Anderson gives her his two cents about it! Later, they both weigh in on Siri’s instructions for masturbating.

From Siri’s role as an activist for The UnSlut Project to what her husband got her for her birthday (you’ll be as surprised as Emily was!), nothing’s off limits in the latest episode of Sex With Emily.