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Oct 2, 2015

On today’s show, Emily welcomes hosts of Playboy Radio’s popular “Ask the Doc” podcast, Chad Braverman and Sunny Rodgers. Emily, Sunny and Chad jump straight into swapping secrets and stories from the sex industry, and share tips on how to step up your sex toy game for maximum pleasure! If there’s one thing that this trio of sex aficionados have in common, it’s their expertise in the area of sex toys, from personal favorites to hottest up-and-coming toys and helpful hacks.

The gang also answers a couple emails from listeners who are hitting some sexual speedbumps in their otherwise wonderful relationships. From awkward sexual turn-offs to noisy sex toys that kill the mood, tune in to learn how to navigate these bedroom issues and make your success in sex match your luck in love!

This episode of Sex With Emily is jam packed with fun toy tidbits and silly sex stories. From Ben-wa balls to Man-ginas to pocket rockets and rabbits, this is a show you don’t want to miss!