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Jun 4, 2014

Today’s show is all about confidence. Why? Emily believes you should make it your life work to cultivate confidence and tells you how to do it. Hands down men and women say confidence is the sexiest trait in and out of the bedroom. What’s preventing you from having it in the first place? Menace shares tips on how he got through his insecurities in the dating world and built his confidence. Confidence and self esteem are not about the way you look, how much you earn and definitely not how much you weigh.

Emily gives advice on what women find attractive about confidence, what it means to be a confident woman and Menace shares the male perspective on the same issue.

Emily also answers emails from listeners: what to do if your wife loses her sexual confidence due to weight gain, how a woman can learn to orgasm during intercourse and is it possible to masturbate too much? Find out the answers in this week’s Sex With Emily podcast.