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Aug 3, 2013

Are you spanking, hair pulling, and nibbling your partner as much as you want? Or are you playing it safe, scared to reveal your true desires? Well, they probably don’t want to do it in the missionary position every single time either. Get some balls and talk to your partner about your sex life. Instead of proclaiming, “you don’t slap my butt enough” over tea and crumpets, have a casual conversation about sex. Calm down, take a deep breath, and share your desires with your partner. I’ll tell you exactly what to say if you want to have more adventurous sex with your lover(s). You’ll be spanking, hair pulling, and biting in no time. Also… You wish you went bowling with a bunch of porn stars Anthony Weiner needs to at least get his premature ejaculation under control (Promescent, anyone?) How to have rough sex without getting too rough (you want it to be sexy, not painful) How to talk about your fantasies with your partner without having the most awkward conversation of your life The point of this podcast is to step outside your comfort zone and start having the sex you and your partner really want. Have courage, stop worrying about every move you make in bed, and enjoy your sex life. You deserve it. If you want to change your love life check out: Promescent, Crazy Girl, Max4Men, Masque, Good Vibrations, and Adam and Eve. Use coupon code Emily for 50% off anything at Adam and Eve + free shipping + 3 free DVDs + a free sexy gift. Use coupon code Emily25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase at Crazy Girl and Max4Men. Use coupon code GVEmily20 at checkout for 20% off purchases of $100 or more at Good Vibrations