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Sep 5, 2014

Do you really want to send that nude selfie? If you don’t want the “The Fappening” happening to you, you better tune in.  Emily and Samantha Schacher from Dr. Drew HLN dive right into the mass exposure of A-List celebrity nude pictures hacked from the cloud and what we can all learn from this debacle.

With our heads buried in our phones, have we become social media zombies? Samantha tells the story of how she literally ran smack dab into her husband when they first met, but if she had been on her phone, she might have missed the encounter all together.

Samantha gives sage advice about tough times, dry spells and how to keep the passion alive in marriage, even when you own a business together. Sometimes fighting is a necessity to reach the next level of intimacy in your relationship.

A caller wants to know why he can’t seem to pick-up women and it probably has to do with his opening line. Emily tells him how to turn it around.

A listener writes in confused about a “Friends with Benefits” relationship while another listener with pre-existing self-esteem issues has a bodybuilder boyfriend who’s preying on her insecurities. If you want to know how to date with dignity in the modern age of nudies, stale pick up lines and casual hook ups, tune in now.

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