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Jul 10, 2015

On today’s Sex With Emily podcast, we’re talking penis size, sexual peaks, and making the most of your favorite sex positions. Learn how to get what you want out of your partner, and gain sexual confidence at the same time!


So we’ve all heard that women reach their sexual peak later in life, and later than men, but does anyone actually know why? Emily breaks down the real, physiological answer about sexual peaks and explains why women have better sex in their 30’s. She also helps a listener with anxiety about the size of his member, and drives home the fact that size doesn’t really matter. Also discussed: how to control the situation when “jackhammer” sex occurs and how to handle unwelcome giggle fits in the bedroom.


Whether you’re wondering about hormones, college sex problems, or what Emily’s housekeeper has gotten herself into, this podcast has all the answers you’re looking for. Check it out!