Sex With Emily

Today Emily talks about to act when you meet a potential love interest, and gives tips to you don’t giggle nervously or throw up in your mouth. Better yet, Emily suggest places you might find your next love, then Menace divulges his trifecta tip for getting laid. We talk about men being jealous of sex and women being jealous of emotions, how smiling at someone might land you a date, why 2nd marriages are predicted to fail, and why women like older men.

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It’s “National Unmarried and Single American's” Week so we’re talking how to celebrate, the top places to meet singles, and the best ways to hit those places. Emily explains why she loves being single, while Menace wants to settle down. Then it’s on to sex and intimacy during pregnancy and during 'that' time of the month. Emily shares a "walk of shame" story, and she and Menace talk about clarifying "breaks" in relationships, and the impact of Facebook on marriage.

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