Sex With Emily

Porn Star Kiara Mia, "the Kim Kardashian of porn", gets intimate on the podcast, sharing her best moves for having sex with men and women. Naturally, she starts with oral sex on a woman (how every great relationship starts) and describes how to lick a woman to make her orgasm. Start by kissing and licking around her clitoris. Once she’s really warmed up, her clitoris is hard and she’s thrusting her hips up, go in for her clitoris (Kiara tells you exactly what to do to pleasure her clitoris and G-spot at the same time).

Kiara also describes her first orgasm, and how women can experience more pleasure in their sex lives. She shares her favorite sex positions and how to move during sex.  Move back-and-forth, grind, lean forward, lean backwards, and have lots of orgasms. The more you enjoy sex as a woman, the better you will be at having sex. Kiara talks about why she’s so good at sex. You need to really connect with your partner during sex, and I’m not just talking about connecting penis-to-vagina. Tantric sex can expand your sex life. 

The show ends with Kiara and I answering your questions. How do you stay in shape? What do women look for in a man? How do you pleasure a beautiful woman on the first date (someone’s presumptuous)? After you listen to the podcast, you will be ready to pleasure sexy men and women… if you’re willing to work for it.   

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