Sex With Emily

So you want to have a threesome? I'm laying down the law on how to do it right. It has to be her idea, and I'll tell you how to make that happen. Do not casually suggest that you have a threesome with her best friend. She's not going to like it. If you want to have a threesome, you must be extremely strategic and cunning. I'll show you how to do it without having it end in a jealous hot mess. Next, I talk about men who prefer to wear women's panties (have no shame, women's undies are just better). Then I answer the question of who I'd rather sleep with, Mike Catherwood or Dr.Drew? And lastly, I tell all the ladies how to have an incredible orgasm during sex, because that's what I'm here for. If women start having more orgasms, I know I'm doing my job. Enjoy your weekend whether you are having a Menage a Trois, exploding with orgasms, or traipsing around in ladies underwear.

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