Sex With Emily

Emily’s guest is Lisa Ann, the most popular porn star in the world 2 years in a row according to the New York Post.

Why is she so famous? You might recognize her as the star of the hit porn parody, Nailin’ Palin or because she’s been voted the hottest MILF porn star and the #1 Fleshlight by AVN.

They discuss why the MILF trend is so popular, how secret trick for mentally preparing for porn scenes and her own psychology for dating.

Lisa Ann gives her top tips for performing oral sex on a man and a woman and answers sex questions from callers including how to go about anal for the first time, how do deal with a large penis, her favorite sex toys, the craziest place she's had sex and how it feels to get her ass licked.  Also, can porn help couples? Listen in for all the amazing tricks and tips.

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