Sex With Emily

In this week’s Podcast, Emily takes her show on the road.. Literally! Joined by two leading experts in the sex therapy field, Emily records this show live from Catalyst Con, a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality.

Whether because they are the uneducated or just plain uncomfortable, people treat sex like the elephant in the room. No one talks about what’s going on between the sheets. But if you can’t talk about it with your doctor, or even with the person you’re having sex with, how the hell can it ever get better? This show is all about breaking down your sexual barriers and opening up those lines of communication to pave the way to amazing sex!


Up first is Dr. Hernando Chaves, renowned sex therapist and sexy professor. He and Emily discuss many of the sexual roadblocks that men and women face, including body image, stamina and being too stuck in their own heads. Then Emily sits down with popular love-and-sexologist Ava Cadell, here to tackle the most common question she gets asked: How can couples keep the passion alive?


From anal sex to penis insecurities to the bowl of sex toys on Hernando’s table, this show touches on the things we’re all too shy to talk about. Don’t miss it!

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Today’s show is all about sexual confidence: How do you get it, how do you work it, and how do you become a star in the bedroom? Emily is joined in the studio by Robin Antin to talk dancing and sex appeal, two things she knows all about! So what IS sexy? Emily and Robin share their personal secrets to sexiness, and tell us how to discover our inner sex appeal!

Emily gets to know her guest, the founder of the “Pussycat Dolls”, choreographer, producer, director, designer, entrepreneur and all-around sex-positive bombshell, Robin Antin. The two dish about all things sexy, and discuss the number one thing killing women’s sex lives: your lack of sexual confidence. The ladies explain why having sex is a lot like performing - as soon as you hit that stage (aka the bedroom) you must push past your insecurities and work what you’ve got!


This show teaches you how to achieve ultimate sexiness, from fitness to style to the best sex toys on the market! It also answers some sexier questions: How does one do a sexy squat? Is there a Pussycat Sex-Doll in our future? And can Emily turn Robin into a sex toy believer?

All this and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast!

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