Sex With Emily

Today’s throwback podcast is straight out of San Francisco circa 2011. So what was happening in the Sex With Emily world EXACTLY 4 years ago? Emily covers a wide spread of topics including the dangers of comparing your ex to your current partner, age gaps in the dating world, and the real difference between love and lust.


Also discussed: Are you having trouble getting your boyfriend to perform oral? One listener needs help guiding her guy to cunnilingus town, and Emily knows the best route to take! She and Menace return to the great handjob debate, and Emily shares a handful of tips, tricks and pointers on how to make the most of manual stimulation.

Whether you need sex advice, relationship help, or a couple great book recommendations, this “blast from the past” podcast is chock full of useful tips and plenty of classic Emily and Menace moments. Don’t miss it!

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