Sex With Emily

This week, Emily is joined by guest co-host Lynette Carolla from the For Crying Out Loud podcast. Together, the dynamic duo ponder some of the most popular yet puzzling sexual predicaments and dive into a veritable variety of sex topics, including sex toys, g-spots, the best oral sex methods, and the appeal of threesomes! It might be one of the most popular fantasies, but can your twosome handles the addition of a third? Emily shares some helpful hints to quench your threeway thirst.


Also discussed: How to handle mismatched libidos in an otherwise untroubled relationship, how to make your way INTO the friend zone (when everyone else is struggling to get out!), plus some much-needed tips on lube logistics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect toy, the perfect blowjob, or would like to be the perfect partner, this show has something for everyone, so don’t miss it!

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