Sex With Emily

Could your sex life use a little extra spice? In today’s show, Emily is answering your top questions on sex & intimacy and provides step-by-step guidelines to help you turn your bedroom troubles around.

How do you keep the sex hot in your routine-based marriage? What if you’re uncomfortable with your spouse’s new fantasy? Between sexual spontaneity, dirty talk and honest communication, Emily offers the perfect guidance to activate and amplify your bedroom activity. And if you happen to be waiting for marriage to venture into intercourse, she’s got some breast play tips to help you step up your “second base” skills.

Whether you’re a newlywed, a seasoned monogamist or a single on the prowl, Emily is here to help you out of your rut and provide some fun commentary along the way. From dildo cars to swinger parties, this show has a little something for everyone — Don’t miss it!

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