Sex With Emily

This week, Emily and Menace come at you direct from the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills for the very first time and the theme of this show is one of Emily’s all time favorites: communication is a lubrication! She’s pulling out all the stops to ensure that by the end of the show, every listener becomes a venerable expert on this vital topic.

Emily shares how communication (or lack thereof) has fared her throughout her romantic history and even helps Menace address some of his own relationship roadblocks along the way. Then the two tackle your sex and dating woes in two new segments, “Emily Please Tell My Partner,” and “Reading Between the Texts.” Together the duo helps decipher your cryptic textual conversations and even relays a difficult message to a listener’s boyfriend by calling him on the air!

Whether you’re looking for steamy new sexual scenarios or you’re wondering if you’re being ghosted, Emily has the insight to set you on track. So if you’re ready to hear a show full of firsts, and improve your interpersonal skills along the way, tune in now!

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