Sex With Emily

Happy Masturbation Month! Summer’s right around the corner and the weather outside is heating up… but for some, things might be getting lukewarm in the bedroom. On this show, Emily offers one way to keep the sex in your relationship fresh and exciting, no edible undies or handcuffs required.  

There comes a point in every relationship when it’s necessary to try something new in the bedroom. You may have heard of role-playing as an option...but never like this. Emily offers 4 simplified scenarios that retain the novelty of role-playing without all the corny costumes and cheesy lines. Then it’s on to emails.. Have you and your partner suffered a dirty talk disaster? Did you lose your orgasm somewhere along the way? Emily has the answer to your every sexy situation gone wrong.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to spice things up with your partner or you need to clean up a bedroom mistake or two, this show has everything you need—no playing!

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