Sex With Emily

From a velcro wall to your bedroom, it’s no secret that Sportsheets has taken the sex world by storm. In today’s show, Emily and Menace are joined by CEO and founder of Sportsheets, Tom Stewart. With Tom as their guide, they unpack the evolution of the revolutionary bondage brand, in addition to providing you with you ample advice to satisfy all your carnal curiosities!

Is monogamy slowly becoming a thing of the past? Are you begging for a pegging, but aren’t sure how pull it off? How do you change your rollercoaster sex life into something more steady? Tom assists Emily and Menace in answering these questions, and gives us the lowdown on Sportsheets’ hottest bondage products, as well as all things pegging and prostate play.

Whether you want to be tethered, tied up, blindfolded or pegged, don’t restrain yourself from listening to this podcast!

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