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Emily's back in sex school getting her doctorate, learning about gigantic sex machines and how the penis evolved. After school gets out, Emily goes on the Jeff Probst show to give sex advice and answer some hard questions from the audience. One lady wants to know what do you do when your guy won't go down on you. Several husbands want to know how to get their wives to have sex with them. If your not getting any with your significant other, it might be time to play Emily's Sex Drive, her new iPhone application for couples. Emily will send you an envelope everyday with a sexual assignment (she's not the only one getting schooled in sex). Emily and Menace take the Sex Drive pledge and pretend to fulfill their sexual tasks, from going to a sex shop to dirty talk. Emily gives advice for how to mixup your sex life whether you like good ol' fashion vanilla sex or something a bit spicier.

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Emily challenges you to go big or go home, and fantacize! From dirty talk to transcending the boundaries of your sex life, you need to liberate your lust. Emily's cohost Menace shares some intimate memories, prompting a discussion about men's fantasies. Emily also has a few dating tips for listeners who find themselves on the deep end of dating.

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On the “breast show” in support of National Breast Cancer month of October, Emily and Menace discuss ways that both women and men should not neglect the breasts.

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Today's throwback episodes are all about YOU! We focus on listener emails that highlight problems people have with everything from stale sex and swinging to sexualizing strangers. Menace and Emily delve into the nitty gritty of monogamy, and rumors about San Francisco women being gold diggers. Menace's views on this matter may shock you. Or not, if you've listened to him for more than 5 minutes. 

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Today Emily helps out a male listener who's severely lacking in confidence, as well as one of his testicles. After returning from a 4th of July trip to Michigan, Emily starts pondering her single life. Good thing she has a "Group Sex" seminar coming up, even if it doesn't involve group sex. Menace takes on short-haired women and feels the wrath of San Francisco's ladies. Topics from listeners include the problems of asking girls out, handjobs, and sex with pregnant women. 

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Emily shares at least seven different types of orgasm’s for women (sorry gentleman). Oh the many orgasms yet to come! Emily gently, but not too gently, guides you through how to achieve orgasms, no matter if you prefer Combination or Blended, Multiple or Serial orgasms. Hopefully we can all agree that real orgasms are the best kind of orgasms, and fake ones don’t serve anyone.

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Are your lady parts as sparkly as they could be? A listener is considering pimping out her vulva but neither Emily nor Menace can get behind the move. A listener makes a bold proposal for Emily and Menace, and the rules for breaking out fantasies in the bedroom are laid out. Adrift her man-atorium, Emily goes on a cruise and does water aerobics. Meanwhile Menace goes to a rapping wedding and doesn't get friend zoned. Emily splurges on lingerie, and gives advice to a listener regarding online dating and reality-based dating, stressing the importance of putting yourself out there. Lady Gaga claims to give herself mental orgasms, prompting much philosophizing about orgasms. And what's that? Could it be the Great Handjob Debate showing up again? You got it.

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From pre-med to pornography, girl next door to sexy vixen, adult star Bree Olson talks openly about her sex life. Emily and Menace also talk about their sex lives, or lack their of. Menace wants to know how many sweaters Emily’s knitted during her Manatroium-- A hiatus from dating or even flirting with men. Menace is conducting an OkCupid experiment but isn’t having any luck finding prospective partners online. Emily answers listener’s emails about being too wet for sex, Hand Jobs, and strippers.

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mily discusses how to navigate your online relationship, from the first online dating message to the unfortunate “it’s not you, it’s me” email message. Emily explores the brave new digital world of dating, and questions whether it’s possible to “Liketerbate,” E-snoop, E-hump, and digital dump with at least some human decency. After all, emoticons cannot replace real human emotion. In other news, a man semen scientist actually thinks swallowing semen makes women smarter and happier, and people are actively trying not to orgasm during sex. Sounds like reverse psychology at it’s best. Emily answer listeners emails about what to do if they don’t call, having sex with your roommate, and giving yourself oral sex.

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Emily runs through a list of hot sex moves for guys, many of which are questionable in their hotness, even if they're well-intentioned. Menace gives some dating advice to a thirteen year old that doesn't go over too well. The pitfalls of married sex and libidos are discussed, and Emily is upset to find out the rather banal things married women want more than sex, like reading and sleeping. Emily is getting a lot more done on her man-atorium. Listeners have problems with terrible oral sex, breaking up, and dating single moms. 

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