Sex With Emily

Sex is a journey–a path to eroticism if you will. On today’s show, Emily acts as your very own compass to keep you on the most pleasurable path possible!

Are you looking for some beginner bondage tips? Wondering if your weight gain is affecting your sex life? You had a threesome with your BFF, now you’re falling for her… should you tell your boyfriend? Emily doles out her best advice on these sexual quandaries and more. Plus she discusses why Facebook and texts with the opposite sex might be a downfall in your marriage. Start your sexual path and tune in!

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We all have our own idea of how sex and dating should be, but are we assuming too much? On today’s show, Emily is here to give you new perspectives to take your sex and dating life by storm, with a little help from Menace!

Are you self-conscious about your curved member? What’s the deal with voyeurism? Swiping right on casual, but can’t seem to find a willing FWB? Emily and Menace share their thoughts on these sexual debacles and more, plus they go over the ten types of noises men make during sex, from grunts to squeals. Tune in for more than just the tip!

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The world has come a long way in trying to create a sex positive environment, but still has far journey ahead. That’s why Emily’s here for you. On today’s show, she’s giving you tips for all your sexual tribulations, no matter what they are!

How do unleash the power of your prostate? Are there rules for role-play rookies? Can you make your sex orgasm as intense as your masturbation orgasm? Emily gives guidance for these sexy situations and more, as well as going over the myriad of polyamorous relationships. Plus, she discusses what words you shouldn’t use during dirty talk. Get sexy, get positive, and tune in!

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Everyone gets bored once in awhile, even when it comes to sex and dating. On today’s show, Emily is helping you use that boredom as a sign to spice things up in and out of the bedroom!

How do you get your wife out of her head when she’s in bed? Are “paingasms” a real thing? What do you do when your partner’s fetish completely turns you off? Emily gives her sage advice on these sex and dating dilemmas, and more in hopes that you'll have the best sex of your life! This show is jam-packed with sexy tips you won't want to miss! 

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Sex and relationships go great together-- there’s no doubt about it. But the two are not interchangeable. In today’s show, Emily’s joined by one of Australia’s leading sex and relationship therapists Cyndi Darnell to talk about how to get both back on track!

How do you prep for “Mr. Right” when you enjoy your playful lifestyle? Think you’ve tried it all and you STILL can’t orgasm? You’re brimming from cheater’s regret-- should you come clean? Emily and Cyndi answer these difficult dilemmas, plus the pair discuss the highly dreaded mismatched libido with tips on how to fix it!

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The age old saying is true: you’re only as old as you feel. The same rings true when it comes to your sex life! On today’s show, Emily is joined host of the Unfiltered podcast, mom, and entrepreneur Brandi Glanville, and the two definitely feel young about sex and dating.

Is sexting an act of cheating? How do you keep yourself from losing interest too quickly? Should you tell your wife you get off from thinking about her and her well-hung ex? Emily and Brandi help listeners navigate through these issues and more, plus the two talk about Brandi’s own sex and dating life. We also find out why science says feeling old can dampen your sex life. You won’t want to miss this show!

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What’s so special about today? It’s Emily’s birthday! One of her birthday wishes is to get closer to all you listeners out there-- she wants to hear from you! On today’s show, Emily is answering your questions on all things sex because she’s all about helping you have the best sex life you can!

Got a case of the boob blues? How do you go about hygiene if you’re uncut? You’ve made out with a woman-- should you tell your husband? Emily helps listeners hash out these issues and more, plus she reveals the six mistakes people are making in bed-- according to pornstars! Make Emily’s wish come true, and send feedback, tune in, and subscribe!

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No situation is one-sided, and the same is true when it comes to sex. On today’s show, Emily is giving you a different perspective on your sexual predicaments (because the problem may not be what you think).

Are you worried that the size of your member is the reason your girlfriend isn’t giving you oral? Should your sexy workplace fantasy remain just that? Are you masturbation obsessed? Emily gives her solutions on these sex issues and more, plus she and Anderson discuss the science behind sexual satisfaction in the beginning of relationships. Tune in to find out!

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The hardest part about having issues in the bedroom is asking for help. Never fear, because Emily is here, and her favorite thing in the world is helping people improve their sex lives and relationships. On today’s show, she’s helping callers figure out the best way to get past their coital conundrums and dating dilemmas.

Struggling in the orgasm department with your beau? What are some great sex toy recs for a lesbian couple? Should you give your ex another shot? Emily and Anderson help callers get through these sex and dating issues and more. Plus, they discuss how some men watch so much porn, it’s causing penis problems! Tune in to get the scoop!

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Ahh, millennials; a generation so studied and scrutinized by the generations before them, it’s almost as if they’re another species. But what is it that makes them so interesting? It’s their unique approach to sex and dating.

On today’s show, Emily is joined by host and executive producer of YouTube’s Think Tank, Hannah Cranston, who also happens to be a millennial! The two discuss how millennials may be having less sex, but are more experienced and open about the quirks of it all! Are you chick who would rather sleep than cuddle? Are condoms and blow jobs a good mix? How do you do a 180 on your sex life? The dynamic duo discuss these issues, plus reveal five things that guys do that girls absolutely hate. Click, subscribe and listen!

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