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No more heavy breathing on the phone guys, Emily’s onto you! Learn how you can avoid being ‘the creep’ in today’s episode. Then, Emily dishes about her orgasm meditation retreat, and she and Menace talk about their current love lives. There’s an influx of pimps coming to San Francisco. Speaking of things to be afraid of, Emily instructs you on what to do when the condom breaks, and when and how you should seek out STD testing.

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Apart from going on Jerry Springer, what can you do if you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Today Emily walks you through the signs your partner may be cheating, and how you can confront them responsibly. Emily talks about her first time, and she and Menace discuss sex surrogates who sleep with your partner when you can’t, as well as “coregasm” class. Then it’s onto dirty talking, the chemistry of friends with benefits relationships, and the 30 day masturbation challenge - are you tough enough to handle it?

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Emily gives advice on how perform oral sex on a woman and talks about signs your partner might be cheating.
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Emily gets her intern to talk candidly about what she really wants in bed, and tells you how to handle it when your partner “doesn’t know” what they want. There’s advances in 3D porn, and an $800 sex doll you can race. Men’s issues get addressed, such as orgasm dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and how to change one’s mindset when masturbating in order to have better sex. Then for the ladies, we talk about when you need to realize he's not the one, and the best breast play techniques there are.

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Emily advises a male listener on how to handle a woman who "don't know what she wants" and gets her intern to talk candidly about what she wants in bed.
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It’s a creepy job, but someone’s gotta do it. Today Emily attempts to de-creep our nation - one male listener at a time. In the meantime, she and Menace work out their on-air "relationship", and wonder why everyone is taking nude pics. The how to's of female ejaculation are broken down, as are the reasons why guys should clean their sheets. Learn how to prioritize your long distance relationship, then join us as we reveal the bisexuality myth.

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Emily debates her future with or without a man, the top ten cities for cheaters and sluts, Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith separated?, how marriage doesn't change how much you argue, when trying to have multiple orgasms is actually necessary, why a vibrator is a gateway toy, Emily and Menace talk about their first sexual encounters (oh my!), are you asexual? and how to solve awkward sex moments, one laugh and confession at a time.
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Forget gluttony, sloth, and lust, if there’s seven things to avoid, it’s the seven deadly dating personalities – find out how today. Also find out why Emily goes stag to weddings, how women set the price of sex, sperm facts, and if sexting can make you a sex offender. Emily discusses why it’s riskier to send your man to a wedding than a bachelor party, fun tips for sex during pregnancy, the basics of tantric sex, and why we date people like our parents. Finally, as a big gift to the listeners, Emily demonstrates her best phone sex.

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Today Emily’s talking tips for overcoming jealousy - unless it’s your transportation or recycling routine, there’s really no need to turn green. Also, find out why she's really moaning during sex, what to say on your first online dating message, how to deal with body image issues, and if there’s a platonic dating site for those who don’t want to get down. Emily’s dog bites people's crotches at the dog park, but to make up for it, she’s got a new Kegel Camp app that can greatly benefit their sex lives.

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Another new fitness fad? Not quite. Today’s guest, Billy Sunday Mars, talks with Emily about how to be “Fit For Love.” Then it’s onto celebrity penis names, how a sex doll can land you in prison, and how to find and navigate the g-spot. New frontiers of sex are explored in the best male sex toys, viagra condoms, and women who go to strip clubs. Tune in to hear who wins out in the ultimate battle royale: Orgasms vs. Diamonds!

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