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As we progress in time, space and science, we’re also making progress in the way we understand sex and relationships. On today’s show, Emily is joined by modern renaissance man and radio show host, Jason Ellis, and the two are talking open relationships, masturbation, threesomes and answering your emails!

Jason hosts his own radio show, fights MMA, is a professional skateboarder and he’s currently enjoying an open relationship with his fiance—and the two couldn’t set a better example of open communication. Emily and Jason help listeners figure out whether an open marriage will solve their own marital issues, how to keep jealousy from joining a threesome and give some hot toy suggestions for oral. Plus, the pair discuss Jason’s own sex life (masturbation included). Nothing is off limits with these two, so tune in!

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When it comes to sex toys (and masturbation in general), it’s the women who tend to steal the industry’s focus. However, men can also benefit from a little extra stimulation—with a partner or by themselves! On today’s show, Emily is speaking with We-Vibe’s Global Passion Ambassador, Tristan Weedmark, about how their brand is making sure everyone is getting what they need. Oh, and she’s answering your emails, of course!

Why use lube during oral if you have saliva? Is dating your hot housemate really the best idea? How do you last longer when your ex conditioned you to a “hard and fast” sex life? Emily settles these sex and dating debates, plus she gives a rundown of fun, sexy and surprising facts about good ol’ masturbation. Whether you’re considering giving sex toys a first try, you want to improve your masturbation routine or you want to know just how dirty the British are, this show pulls out all the stops. Don’t miss it!

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If Emily had her way, there would be a bottle of lube on every night stand all across the world. From flavored, to warming to all-natural ingredients, there’s a lube out there for everyone to enjoy! On today’s show, Emily is joined by her trusty team and an honorary member from System JO, Brie, to talk about all things lube, pubes and so much more!

Are your partner’s pubes a deal-breaker? Have you found your g-spot, but are still on the search for your clitoris? How do you get your military man in the mood for making love more often? Emily, Halina, Jamie and Brie give their insight on these common issues and more. Plus, they give the lowdown on the many ways lube has enhanced their sex lives and why pubic grooming remains the hairy situation it is. Let this show slide into your speakers!

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What’s better than a podcast with a sex expert? A podcast with a sex expert AND a porn expert! On today’s show, Emily is joined by porn star and director Joanna Angel, and the two are talking masturbation, anal and so much more!

Would a masturbation break make you more productive at work? How do you keep that gosh darn penis from slipping out? What are the first steps for anal play? Emily and Joanna give their sexiest solutions to these coital conundrums and more, plus they discuss masturbation and why it’s so important—even if you’re married! Listen in for a rock star show full of the hottest advice you could ask for.

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We here at Sex With Emily are noticing a trend: you love to talk about threesomes and swinging! We fully support an adventurous sex life, but there are some dos and don’ts to the ins and outs of bringing a stranger into the mix. On today’s show, Emily is joined by show-favorite, Menace, and the two are setting the record straight on all things sex, dating, and masturbation by answering your emails and taking your calls!

How do you find a third for your threesome when you live in a small town? Are you ready for anal, but don’t know how to get started? Do you really need to disclose if your penis is uncut? Emily and Menace shed light on these quandaries and more. Plus, they reveal eight bold-faced lies about sex you really need to stop listening to. You may think you know, but you’ll have to tune in and find out!

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Welcome to Emily’s favorite month of the year! She and special guest Menace kick off May, the official Month of Masturbation, by taking your calls and getting to the heart of your issues and giving you a special challenge to make the most of this month’s theme.

Tune in for tips for taking you out of your mundane, routine masturbation habits. Also, they talk to a caller who wonders how he can please his self-professed asexual girlfriend and a woman who was surprised by her post-orgasmic tears. Plus, Emily gives a newbie some solid blow-job tips and convinces a guy that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his wearing thong underwear. Click, subscribe and get in on the action!

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Having the courage to ask questions shows that you care about improving your life; whether it’s your love or sex life, you’ve identified something that just isn’t going right, and you want it to be better. On today’s show, Emily is answering all of your quandaries to help give you the knowledge you need for a life full of loving—both in and out of the bedroom.

This week, Emily is joined by Menace, and the two discuss proper nude etiquette when it comes to swapping photos with potential swing partners, the importance of foreplay (even though you’re wetter than a slip ‘n’ slide) and whether you should tell your fiancé about a sexual slip you made when you were on a break. Plus, there’s a scientific reason that sex with your ex just feels so damn good. Don’t miss it!

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When it comes to sex and dating, it can be hard to tell where you’ve gone wrong. You may think you’re speaking the language of love, but are you speaking the right one? On today’s show, Emily is giving her expert advice on common sex and dating dilemmas to get you headed in the right direction for great sex!

Should you be concerned if your boyfriend ISN’T masturbating? How do you give a killer blowjob when your mouth’s too small and he’s too big? When’s the right time to stop the casual dating and dive back into something serious? Emily and Menace give their insight on these issues and more, including which emojis will most likely get a you a text back! Listen in and find out!

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One thing that sex, love and dating have in common is doubt. We’re all wondering if we’re doing it right, or how we can make it better. On today’s show, Emily is back on the hotline, taking your calls to help you go from confused to confident. Her insight brings sanity to your most complex questions.

Are you feeling guilty about your sneaky masturbating habits? How do you change up cowgirl position to make sexy AND comfortable? How do you know you’re ready to get back into dating after a divorce? Are mental health hurdles holding you back from finding something meaningful? Emily helps callers with these issues and more, plus she gives you tips to prioritize sex when sleep seems to have taken over the bedroom entirely. This is a show you won’t want to hit snooze on!

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Emily and special guest Dr. Drew do what they love doing best: taking listener calls! In this week’s show, Emily and Drew get to the bottom of each caller’s issues, helping them solve their love, sex and relationship worries.

The two experts address common condom conundrums (how to stay hard!) and how to meet in the middle when it comes to mismatched libidos. Also, does your guy get his ideas of what sex should be like from watching too much porn and spending too much time masturbating? Are you stuck in a cycle of loving someone who has you in the friend zone, and if so, how do you move on? These specialists provide skillful responses to your most compelling questions, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Join us!

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