Sex With Emily

Emily is excited to announce that she is starring in a reality television series called Miss Advised on Bravo TV. She had cameras follow her around for a few months while she dated and worked. Bravo wanted to see if she practice what she preached in her personal life and professional life.

Emily debates sex rules that are out there - everything from sex on the first date to cuddling quotas.

Hearing sex through the walls, short hair on girls, yes or no?, how to get your girlfriend into strap-ons, waiting to have sex, and dating your ex’s friend.

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Emily leaves her dog tied up outside a Mexican Restaurant (oops). The secret to keeping men happy, not being able to talk about fantasies, recreational Viagra use, the return of “Morning Wood”, and Menace's revolutionary sex toy The Dump Truck.

Emily addresses men's biggest sexual fears-Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction-what men can do to get it up & keep it up. Julie Wilson from aphrodisiac Hot Rawks calls in to talk about nutrition, stamina, erections, and working at Hooters.

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Emily gets stopped at the Las Vegas airport security because she has too many vibrators in her bags.

The new Magic Banana vibrator for your G-spot, the strongest vibrator (power tool) in the world,  and "penis deadlifts.”  How to effectively lower your standards and stop over-analyzing the people you date.

Sex burns calories and can be more fun than the gym. Emily is your personal trainer and leads you through the best sex exercises for sex, from cardio to kegels.

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