Sex With Emily

In honor of Halloween, Emily talks about scary bedroom encounters, from a one minute man to anal sex. Also, what to do when your hook-up leaves underwear behind, sex with your ex, and avoiding STI's during a threesome.

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In this throwback episode Emily talks about bushes, from George W. Bush to the 70’s hair down-there trend. She also discusses breast orgasms, bondage, and Black Swan girl-on-girl action. Also, just in time for Halloween, an Oregon couple gives out some sexual trick or treats--- “three musketeers or a condom anyone?”

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Emily and Menace talking about going to first base-- tips from first dates and first kisses. Emily also answers listeners emails about swinging, gym fantasizing, and party etiquette.

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In these two quickie episodes, Emily tells you how to get in on whether you're naked at the Harbin Hotsprings or on a cruise. She then describes how to pleasure women in bed, from foreplay to roleplay, with a little oral sex in between. The show comes to a strange end with Emily involved in a somewhat disturbing Fast food fantasy, dressed up as the Hamburgeler.

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Emily's back in sex school getting her doctorate, learning about gigantic sex machines and how the penis evolved. After school gets out, Emily goes on the Jeff Probst show to give sex advice and answer some hard questions from the audience. One lady wants to know what do you do when your guy won't go down on you. Several husbands want to know how to get their wives to have sex with them. If your not getting any with your significant other, it might be time to play Emily's Sex Drive, her new iPhone application for couples. Emily will send you an envelope everyday with a sexual assignment (she's not the only one getting schooled in sex). Emily and Menace take the Sex Drive pledge and pretend to fulfill their sexual tasks, from going to a sex shop to dirty talk. Emily gives advice for how to mixup your sex life whether you like good ol' fashion vanilla sex or something a bit spicier.

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Emily challenges you to go big or go home, and fantacize! From dirty talk to transcending the boundaries of your sex life, you need to liberate your lust. Emily's cohost Menace shares some intimate memories, prompting a discussion about men's fantasies. Emily also has a few dating tips for listeners who find themselves on the deep end of dating.

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On the “breast show” in support of National Breast Cancer month of October, Emily and Menace discuss ways that both women and men should not neglect the breasts.

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Today's throwback episodes are all about YOU! We focus on listener emails that highlight problems people have with everything from stale sex and swinging to sexualizing strangers. Menace and Emily delve into the nitty gritty of monogamy, and rumors about San Francisco women being gold diggers. Menace's views on this matter may shock you. Or not, if you've listened to him for more than 5 minutes. 

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