Sex With Emily

Emily interviews Captain Erotica - he saves relationships in a single bound and couples hire him to teach them have better sex lives. Emily also talks about her first sex party experience.

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Emily advises not going to a strip club on a first date like she did on Miss Advised. Emily gives sex advice to a 34-year-old virgin who wants to find love, to a 15-year-old girl who wants to learn how to have her first orgasm, and a 30-year-old female who has tried everything possible to orgasm to no avail.  Emily shares personal stories about her first ever orgasm and what it takes to get her there.

She also shares the number one reason women have trouble reaching climax and what they can do to achieve an orgasm. Understand your body, claim your own orgasm, and never wait for a man to have the “right moves” in bed. Also, Emily is on a mission to change the world with lube and a certain sex toy.

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Honesty may be the best policy, but honesty in relationships are like deep sea diving: if you want to survive, you’ve got to know your limits. Today Emily lays out the five things you don’t want to know about your partner’s sex history.

Then it’s back to basics, and why you should just pick up the phone and ask her out already. A man whose wife just admitted that she's never had an orgasm with him, and Menace lays out his tried and possibly true method to getting over performance anxiety. Craving oral sex tips? This episode’s got ‘em, as well as one night stands and the basics of talking dirty.

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A lot of women out there are intimidated by initiating sex, and even more men are tired of putting in the work. Thankfully, Emily's here to explain how women can ask for it without asking for it, and how men can better set the mood. From porn and sexting to fantasies and massages, it's time to step up your game when it comes to scoring.

Emily and Menace discuss the effects of being on Bravo, being reviewed by the Parents' Council and being called "Strident", talking about cock rings on national television, and the weirdness of old flames suddenly calling them up.  A Chinese village ascribes magical powers to a subterranean masturbation sleeve, and Sweden built an app to let you test out sex with your Facebook friends.

A male listener can't unwrap his head around a partner's past, and it's affecting his confidence in bed. A foot fetishist writes in to explain the sexual appeal of podiatry. When a guy who doesn't call after two dates suddenly wants to reconnect, Emily and Menace take different approaches to the dilemma. Menace uses astrology to explain a lot of Emily's problems, and Emily thinks Menace has some "early ball trauma," which prompts some personal delving on his part.

Finally, Menace would give up sex for a year for the 4 Alarm Double Decker Taco, but Emily is hard pressed to decide what she'd give up sex for. Enjoy the show!

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Someone asks Menace: “Do you have Sex WIth Emily’s number? She said her favorite call is a booty call.” Emily may have mentioned that her favorite call is a booty call on Miss Advised. Menace is in love with Amy, the matchmaker from Miss Advised and the two give her a call. Emily talks about how to get over your ex and start new relationships. Emily also gives advice to couples who don’t connect sexually. If you don’t connect in the bedroom, it makes it harder to connect in other ways in the relationship.

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Emily announces that she will be talking about oral sex today. Menace isn’t surprised since it is her favorite topic other than her dog. Emily’s dog Daisy amazingly climbs up a tree in the dog park. Something about a squirrel...

Menace calls Emily a player for life after they talk about marriage and monogamy. Emily plans on getting married only if all her exes can attend the wedding.

Emily’s new intern Omar gives anal sex tips and oral sex tips for both gay men and straight men.

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Stepping into the studio right off the set of a porn shoot, vixen Maggie Mayhem tells Emily how she went from accidentally having a mullet in high school, to running HIV clinics, to starring in hardcore porn. A self-described "Sex Hacker", she's constantly breaking down barriers and challenging herself and others. She got her fiance into porn, pegging, and polyamory, and teamed up with him to start the "PSIgasm Project", an open-source orgasm detector that detects and analyzes orgasms.

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Emily recovers after her birthday party weekend and prepares for the premiere of Miss Advised in two weeks. A reason to watch: Emily makes out with a bunch of dudes.

A man gets a 2-year long boner from riding a motorcycle and a man serves up his genitals for dinner, literally. Emily discusses 50 Shades of Grey and bondage for beginners. Also, how to please a women even if you think you're horrible in bed.

How to get over your fear of balls and manscaping your man-mane to get more oral sex.

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Emily used the term "going to pound town" with a guy she's dating and Menace is proud. Emily makes out with unattractive dudes for the sake of research. She also got three threesome proposals on her show Miss Advised.

Dr.Ruth is getting people drunk (but not too drunk) off her new wine. Open relationships are becoming more accepted and Emily thinks people should be open to alternative types of relationships. If monogamy doesn't work for you, try something else. Also, Canadian women need their clitoris rubbed.

Menace wants men to try out being assholes and ignore attractive women. Emily isn't happy about his advice and continues her Sex Ed lessons. Also, if you can't get an erection, drink a glass of Dr.Ruth's wine and have get a deep tissue massage. Having a French Bulldog or a Siberian Husky might get you laid more often. Emily's Jack Russel Terrier doesn't make the sexiest dog list.

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Happy Hump Day! Emily takes the guy she's dating to her ex's birthday party over the weekend and is celebrating her birthday with a Kegel Kegger. Emily and Menace discuss the top ten cheap date ideas from roller-skaing across the Golden Gate Bridge to going to a dive bar. Also, the worst places to go on a first date. Never go to dinner and a movie unless you have no interest in talking to your date. Hopefully the movie will at least be entertaining.

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