Sex With Emily

This week’s Podcast is all about how being the best you can be.. Especially in the bedroom! Emily recaps on the 5 mistakes guys may or may not be making in bed, and gives advice on how to avoid them. She and Menace discuss some new developments in sex and dating, and help a listener improve her dirty talking skills.


Emily and Menace start off with a discussion on dating and mating in the LA scene, and consider some questions of modern-day monogamy. Did you know that more than half of women have a marriage Plan-B? It’s like a back-up drive for your current spouse, and apparently it’s “all the rage”.


Then it’s on to some common mistakes men make it bed!

  • Do you not know your way around the female anatomy?

  • Are you jumping the gun with the kinky stuff?

  • Do you go pawing around her backdoor without an invitation?

  • Are you guilty of *gasp* doing the jackhammer?

Emily gives tips to help you slow down, ask questions and view every vagina as an opportunity to learn. You’ll be a bedroom master in no time!


Next, advice for a listener with some bedroom insecurities. Emily gives a crash course in how to talk dirty - and it won’t even cost you $2.50 per minute! - and teaches you how to rock it when you’re on top.


From Facebook “poking” to scrotal condoms to the car that’ll make you say “Give me the D”, this show is chock full of fun tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your sex and dating game. Check it out!

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On today's episode, Amy Laurent, relationship expert, matchmaker, and Emily’s co-star in Bravo’s Miss Advised calls in to share her best tips for meeting your perfect match. They discuss first date dating mistakes, how long you should wait to sleep with someone new, and who should make the first move. Emily answers emails from listeners. Topics include: advice on how to best compliment a woman, the best way to flirt, and how to tell when your relationship doesn’t have a future.

All this and much more on the latest episode of the Sex With Emily Podcast.

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In this very special episode of Sex With Emily, a reunion takes place.. Emily and Menace are back again, and they discuss some recent sex trends, engage in a little reminiscing and dish out some much-needed listener advice.

Today's email topics include: A question on Kegel Exercises for men; How to recover from a bad oral experience; How to handle dubious boyfriend behavior; How to tell if she's really interested; How to deliver multiple O's.

Then it's on to your listener emails! How do you get past a bad oral experience and learn how to love going down? Emily and Menace give advice for a listener with post-traumatic oral disorder, and revisit the issue of down-there hygiene. Then they help a listener whose boyfriend has been acting suspicious - Should she get some answers or just get going? Also addressed: how to keep yourself out of the friend zone and how to hand out multiple orgasms.

Emily and Menace emphasize the importance of being direct - You only get one life to live, so why waste it on mixed signals? Be confident, make the move and open up the conversation to get the sex and relationships that you deserve! All this and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast.

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Emily explains how to have better sex by going back to basics, and this round she is talking kissing, hand jobs, oral and more! Joined by Shira Lazar, host of the interactive daily show “What’s Trending”, and all-around cool girl, Emily discusses some of the key cornerstones of great sex.


The ladies start off with a discussion on what it’s like to be single and trending in Los Angeles. They dish on a couple celeb-fan scandals, get into a little sex toy talk, and share their mutual gratitude for their lady parts!


Then it’s on to the hookup basics: The ladies discuss how to deal with a bad kisser, the art of giving a hell of a handjob, how to impress a man in the bedroom, and some of their personal secrets to really great sex.

From kissing to manual to oral and beyond, this Podcast teaches you how brushing up on those basic skills can take you from a deal breaker to a better lover.

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Today’s show is all about helping you through your sex and dating troubles! Emily and Anderson answer your feedback emails, and give advice to help you get what you want, both in the bedroom and out of it. Topics covered include how to communicate with your partner about bedroom needs, how to get your partner excited about sharing sexual fantasies, how to cope with stagnant sex lives and a quick lesson on confidence.

First, they start out with three tried-and-true dating commandments that you should be breaking, from game-playing to check-splitting to the one cliche we’re all tired of hearing. 

Then, on to the purpose of this show: You! Emily and Anderson tackle some emails and give guidance to help a listener communicate her sexual needs to her partner, without coming off as a nag.She and Anderson help a guy who’s girlfriend is “too tired” for sex and provide tips on how to ease your partner into your deepest sexual fantasies. Also, advice for a listener who’s dating life is lacking - Is his weight to blame, or is it actually a case of a lack of confidence?

Whether you believe that “everything happens for a reason”, or you’re ready to make things happen for yourself, get the answers you’ve been looking for in the latest Sex With Emily Podcast!

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Do you ever feel like we get so caught up on being great lovers that we’ve forgotten some of our most basic bedroom moves? I mean sure, you can twist yourself into a pretzel during doggie style, but if you can’t give a good hand job, what’s the point? This show is all about taking you back to the basics, to the things you think you learned in middle school, but forgot along the way.

Between talk of self-loving and selfish lovers, Emily gives some much-needed masturbation education and shares why getting to know your own body is the key to amazing sex.

Speaking of amazing sex, did you know the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and solely exists for female pleasure? Emily shares advice on how to move during sex in order to stimulate that magical O-button.

Emily explains why your hygiene habits might be what stands between you getting laid or going home with dirty fingernails, then Emily’s assistant Madison teaches us all about the TPC epidemic - No it’s not a new R&B group, but it is a good reason to “freshen up” before sex.

Also discussed:

  • The stigma surrounding female masturbation

  • Tips to help you slow down and really be present in the bedroom

  • The undeniable attractiveness of sexual confidence

  • The fundamentals of down-there grooming

This show will remind you what skills you’ve been missing in the bedroom, and help you to be an all-around better lover! Don’t miss it!


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This Podcast is all about keeping it classy.. Just kidding!

Emily is joined in the studio by a surprise guest who is no stranger to talking sex. Mike Catherwood, well-known radio personality and one half of the Loveline dream team, stops by to talk love and masturbation.. Among other things.

Emily and Mike discuss following your passions and what it takes to give a really good Podcast. Emily tells the story of how she came into the Podcast game, and Mike shares the epic tale of his most recent masturbatory conquest. Mike and Emily discuss the How-To’s of masturbation as a new father, no details spared!


Then they move on to the good stuff. Mike and Emily talk about a recent PornHub study on what women want in pornography. They discuss why women are so into lesbian porn, and why, according to Mike, most dudes are not. This leads to a talk on fantasies and the meaning behind them.


Next it’s on to the relationship talk- Emily talks about some of the most common question she gets asked, and how to handle them. Then Mike shares the story of the slow romancing of his now wife, from Loveline to Twitter to waiting six months for sex, and talks about how sometimes the things that make you “Undateable” might end up being the things that someone loves about you most.


This totally random, totally uncensored show tackles some interesting questions. Do all guys jerk off standing up? Why does Emily need a wife? And how does one masturbate like Mike Catherwood?


All this and more in my latest Podcast!


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It happens to the best of us: We get caught in a sexual rut and can’t seem to wriggle ourselves free to a more exciting sex life. This show is all about embracing the kinkier side of sex, and opening your mind up to new realms of sexual adventure!


Emily is joined by Rhune Kincaid and Lindsay Floyd, fellow members of the Loveline family, and the hilarious minds behind the Pretty Oddcast - a fresh new Podcast that takes a look into alternate lifestyles & fringe sub-cultures.

So what IS kinky sex? Kink means anything outside of your usual sex box, that pushes your sexual limits, and breaks you out of your regular routine. And guess what, guys? It doesn’t have to be scary!

Emily gives us a crash course in Kink 101 (note: you don’t need a sex dungeon to have some kinky fun.) She shares some beginners’ tips for mixing things up in the bedroom, including:


  • Ways to give a really good spanking

  • The trick to kinking up an old-fashioned massage

  • The best sex toys for couples to share

  • Why women love playing : dress up

  • How to get down with dirty talk

Everyone’s got a little kink in them, or the desire to update their sexual bag of tricks - all you need is a sense of adventure. This podcast will help you get in touch with your inner “odd” and explore sex from an alternative point of view!

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In this week’s Podcast, Emily takes her show on the road.. Literally! Joined by two leading experts in the sex therapy field, Emily records this show live from Catalyst Con, a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality.

Whether because they are the uneducated or just plain uncomfortable, people treat sex like the elephant in the room. No one talks about what’s going on between the sheets. But if you can’t talk about it with your doctor, or even with the person you’re having sex with, how the hell can it ever get better? This show is all about breaking down your sexual barriers and opening up those lines of communication to pave the way to amazing sex!


Up first is Dr. Hernando Chaves, renowned sex therapist and sexy professor. He and Emily discuss many of the sexual roadblocks that men and women face, including body image, stamina and being too stuck in their own heads. Then Emily sits down with popular love-and-sexologist Ava Cadell, here to tackle the most common question she gets asked: How can couples keep the passion alive?


From anal sex to penis insecurities to the bowl of sex toys on Hernando’s table, this show touches on the things we’re all too shy to talk about. Don’t miss it!

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Today’s show is all about sexual confidence: How do you get it, how do you work it, and how do you become a star in the bedroom? Emily is joined in the studio by Robin Antin to talk dancing and sex appeal, two things she knows all about! So what IS sexy? Emily and Robin share their personal secrets to sexiness, and tell us how to discover our inner sex appeal!

Emily gets to know her guest, the founder of the “Pussycat Dolls”, choreographer, producer, director, designer, entrepreneur and all-around sex-positive bombshell, Robin Antin. The two dish about all things sexy, and discuss the number one thing killing women’s sex lives: your lack of sexual confidence. The ladies explain why having sex is a lot like performing - as soon as you hit that stage (aka the bedroom) you must push past your insecurities and work what you’ve got!


This show teaches you how to achieve ultimate sexiness, from fitness to style to the best sex toys on the market! It also answers some sexier questions: How does one do a sexy squat? Is there a Pussycat Sex-Doll in our future? And can Emily turn Robin into a sex toy believer?

All this and more in the latest Sex With Emily podcast!

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