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In this week’s podcast, Emily and Menace are back in action, ready to answer listener emails and talk sex, love and relationships. Emily had a rough morning and shares the gory details. Plus, we cover the recent  developments in Emily’s social life.  Menace announces his BIG Taco Bell news and he and Emily embrace their brother-sister relationship with a little sibling squabble, followed by a quick makeup.

Next Emily and Menace move on to some freakier subjects, including freaky sex ads on Craigslist and ‘freaky’ first time sex moves.

Emily explains why you should avoid getting too kinky the first time you sleep with someone  and shares her experience with some overzealous men.

Answering listener emails, Emily gives advice to a girl going off to college, looking to explore her “inner freak-” and shares her ideas for the dream sex toy starter kit.  

Then Emily counsels a man who is frustrated with his married sex life and thinking of cheating.

This podcast addresses the hard-hitting questions: What’s Menace’s all time favorite taco? What’s the best music to listen to when you masturbate? What if Emily had an orgy and nobody came? Find out the answers and more in this week’s show!


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On today’s show, Emily demonstrates her top mantra: communication is lubrication. Emily compiled a list of the most popular questions she gets asked from listeners and teaches communication skills those sticky situations. If communication is a tough subject for you, don’t worry, she give you a script for that.

Subjects include: How do I talk about anal sex?, How do I talk about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?”Emily shares the most effective ways to ask for more oral sex and encourages women to be open (and honest) about their orgasms.

So, what do you do if your partner doesn’t want to go down on you? How do you ask a new partner about STIs? And, of course, how do you stay out of the dreaded “friend zone?” Emily explains why you need to approach these touchy situations and how to do it right.


Emily’s panel of female truth-tellers today include her assistant Lauren and her intern Carolyn. The women discuss common issues women deal with during sex, but don’t ever talk about.

Both women share the truth about their own romantic lives. Emily coaches them with scripts to deal with their current relationship challenges and also helps her listeners with their toughest questions. The Sex With Emily women contribute specific tips on how to ask for what you want in and out of the bedroom. You don’t want to miss this.



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This show is doubly great because there are not one, but two, very special guests: The first is DeAnna Jordan, relationship & addiction expert. The second is Emily’s big brother, Michael!

Today’s show is all about rules for healthy relationships across the board! DeAnna explains the facts behind love addiction. How do you protect yourself from getting in too deep, too fast? Follow DeAnna’s “No Sex for 90 Days” rule, which is so crazy it just might work.. if you can last that long!

Next, DeAnna gives advice for listeners on how to break out of bad dating patterns by avoiding that person you’re immediately attracted to and exploring other dating types! Also, the importance of being direct, both in relationships and in the bedroom: Why you should have the sex talk before the sex, have the relationship talk before the relationship, and why ladies need to start speaking up about what they want in bed!

Emily and DeAnna answer some listener emails on addiction and relationships, and Emily gets proposed to by a listener ON AIR. Emily might not be ready to tie the knot with a long-time listener, but is she ready to start opening up to the possibility of a relationship? Plus, fans want to know: Is there an Emily Fleshlight in the works? All this and more in this week’s latest Podcast!

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Today’s show is all about improving your sex life, and discovering the elusive G-Spot orgasm! That’s right, I’m in the studio with my awesome assistant and one of my new interns to give you the low-down on that magical little button that you’ve heard so much about. I give tips for men and women how to find it, how to stroke it, and what toys to use to heighten your G-Spot pleasure.

But first, we’re popping my new intern’s Podcast cherry! Carolyn tells us about her night with her first ever G-Spot sex toy, the Silky G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator, as well as the struggles she had of getting into a sex toy rut (prior to being an intern at Sex With Emily, where sex toys abound!)  Then we discuss our own G-Spot experiences- the good, the bad and the totally bizarre. Plus what do women think about when we masturbate? And where can you find a porno so good that my assistant actually stopped masturbating to watch it?

Ever wonder about the difference between a G-Spot and clitoral orgasm? Or what positions are best to hit that sweet spot? We’ve got your answers! We give first-hand tips on the do’s and don’t of pleasing your lady: DO use lubrication, DON’T just dive right in, DO keep your nails clean, DON’T rub her clitoris like you’re trying to start a fire. Remember guys, when it comes to her pearl, less is definitely more. Her body language will tell you all you need to know! We also discuss why more guys should be down with sex toys, pet-peeves and turn-offs, and- say it with me- the importance of foreplay.

Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!

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This week’s podcast is all about relationship and sexual roadblocks and how to move through them so you can have the best life all around. Emily gives advice about which sex toys you must have to start your toy collection, the best erotica, where to find female and couple friendly porn, and remedies for premature ejaculation (including exercises and Promescent!)  

Emily and Menace answer (and debate)  listener’s questions including: what to if you can’t orgasm with your  husband, why women need to dedicate time to masturbation, virgin etiquette, sex in the workplace and why you shouldn’t google someone before a first date (even though you’ll probably do it anyway.)  

Plus should you date someone who looks like your ex? Does Emily have a boyfriend? All this and more in this fast paced, funny but always informative podcast.

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In today’s show Emily sits down with Menace to answer your most pressing sex and relationship questions sent to Including what to do in a long distance relationship when your partner refuses to send sexy texts, have Skype sex, or engage in dirty talk. How to make your wife feel beautiful and why this is crucial for long lasting, amazing sex. Emily advises a woman in the middle of a sexual awakening whose boyfriend is experiencing delayed ejaculation among other penis issues. Emily shares her experience about shooting her first porno scene in San Francisco without getting naked. Hey, it was a dinner party scene!  Also, guess what bodily fluid is being sold on the black market to help men bulk up and who do you think is better with condom use, cheaters or swingers? All of this and more in today’s podcast.

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On this week’s podcast, Emily’s answering your questions with her buddy Anderson, host of The After Disaster podcast. Emily and Anderson get into manscaping, sugar daddies, and how to gracefully exit a bad date.

Emily gives advice on having a successful threesome, sexual pleasure on the road and how to find the penis ring that’s right for you. Emily also answers a callers question: Is it possible to create a monster after introducing a ‘Vanilla’ partner to kink?

Have you heard of the “horsey horse” sex position? We hadn’t either until the last phone call!

Ever wonder what Emily would do if she had a penis for a day? Anderson shares an embarrassing story from his youth and he also exposes Emily to the adorable sounds of turtle sex.

This Friday the 13th episode is dedicated to solving that mystery and more!


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Emily and Menace reunite to answer your most pressing questions. Today’s topics include epic stories of sex-gone-wrong, a married couple with mismatched libidos, and that age-old dilemma, how to get a girl to warm up to back door sex. But first, Menace and Emily make a drunk show pact! Vegas, anyone? The two share some developments in Emily’s dating life and revisit the question- when will Emily be ready to settle down? Also, how do you break the pattern of dating the abusive guys? And do blow jobs really solve all problems? Thanks for sending all your sex and relationship questions to

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Director, editor and author Ernest Greene visits Emily to talk about his new novel Master of O, power play, and collars and cuffs. He’s here to give you his straightforward advice for getting your partner to participate in kink and just how to keep things interesting- whether you’re casually dating or in a long-term relationship.

Greene has been a member of the BDSM community for 40 years. He’s talking bondage, flogging and what it’s like to be married to Nina Hartley, sex-positive pornstar, director and sex educator. Emily and Greene discuss whether or not “kink-dar” is an real thing. The pair get into plain, pleasure, safe words and what the first thing you need to know about BDSM is. Does Greene think Emily is submissive or dominate? Find out in the latest podcast!

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Today’s show is all about confidence. Why? Emily believes you should make it your life work to cultivate confidence and tells you how to do it. Hands down men and women say confidence is the sexiest trait in and out of the bedroom. What’s preventing you from having it in the first place? Menace shares tips on how he got through his insecurities in the dating world and built his confidence. Confidence and self esteem are not about the way you look, how much you earn and definitely not how much you weigh.

Emily gives advice on what women find attractive about confidence, what it means to be a confident woman and Menace shares the male perspective on the same issue.

Emily also answers emails from listeners: what to do if your wife loses her sexual confidence due to weight gain, how a woman can learn to orgasm during intercourse and is it possible to masturbate too much? Find out the answers in this week’s Sex With Emily podcast.

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