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On tonight’s show, Emily welcome back Jordan Harbinger, host of the Art Of Charm podcast, to talk the rules of love and dating in the 21st century. In between bouts of witty banter, they address the topics of body language, confidence and communication skills for the texting era. They also answer a couple of listener emails on dating with no chemistry and a troubling relationship discovery.

This show has the advice you need to date like a pro, and charm the pants off of anyone (dating or otherwise). This is one podcast you do not want to miss!

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In Emily’s first podcast of 2015, she’s making her New Year’s resolution all about you. She and Menace answer your questions on love and sex that you sent to - Topics include trying out sex toys with a significant other, balancing a sex life and busy schedules, dating someone with a crazy family and jealousy after infidelity. They share some secrets for making a relationship work, and stress the importance of compromise in intimate relationships.


Emily explains why you should address issues as they pop up, and teaches you how to communicate your way to be better sex and relationships. All this and more in the latest podcast!

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In this show, Emily provides you with a random selection of sex and dating tips to bring you into the New Year. She shares the ingredients for the perfect date, something you do not want to miss, and answer some listener emails that you sent to She gives tips on how to go down on like on a woman like you mean it, and helps a listener suffering from a stagnant sex life. From hand-jobs to blow-jobs to how to make the most of your penis, this show is full of random tips to help you have better sex and better relationships. Don’t miss out!

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