Sex With Emily

We’ve been talking about it for months and it’s finally here. In today’s show, Emily and Menace are answering not only your emails, but your voicemails too!

Are you perplexed by your partner’s refusal to reciprocate oral sex? Could your lack of sexual experience be considered a dating dealbreaker? How do you up the kink factor when your longtime lover is strictly vanilla? Emily and Menace help listeners navigate these predicaments with a mix of communication, literature & sexual confidence. They also discuss a new dating app that can help you steer clear of (or steer into) sausage fests at your local bars.

From tips for co-working with an ex-lover to coming clean about your bedroom insecurities to the first ever “Ask Emily” voicemails, this podcast is packed with moments you won’t want to miss.

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Anal sex month is officially upon us! In this show, Emily is joined by sex therapist and backdoor enthusiast Dr. Hernando Chaves to help you navigate the waters of anal exploration!

Emily and Hernando bust myths and quell fears surrounding the taboo sex act, discuss the best pre-anal preparation tactics and teach you exactly how to get the most pleasure possible out of your rear-end romp! Then, the two address your anal inquiries, with topics including pegging, polyamory, and pre-anal panic.

Whether you totally love it, aren’t really into it, or you’re just plain curious about the world of anal play, this podcast is packed full of tips to elevate your anal sex experience!

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Relationships can be tough, especially when your most dire dilemmas are bedroom related. Luckily, in today’s show Emily gives you the tips to keep your love and sex life alive and well!

Sick of always being the initiator? Want your partner to take the sexual reigns? What if your partner says “no-no” to a trip to the go-go bar? Will a threesome really reignite your passion? Emily and Menace tackle these tough debacles, and even give you an inside look at Emily’s Tinder messages.

Whether you’re having doggy-style difficulties, or want to know how to respark the flame when your partner’s fire has extinguished, this podcast has you covered!

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Some sex questions are harder to ask than others, but have no fear! In today’s show, Emily tackles a few of your most taboo sex questions and provides judgement-free guidance to quell your concerns.

Is swinging really the best way to get out of a relationship funk? Should you take a step back from your grieving online match? What do you do when your partner cites a vaginal odor as the reason for not going down? Emily and Anderson debate the best way to work through these issues and examine a study that reveals the real secret to being an expert lover—It’s a lot more simple than you might think!

From unfulfilled fantasies to oral sex insecurities to a whole new kind of sexy stocking stuffer, this podcast makes your sexual satisfaction the #1 priority! Don’t miss it..

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Today’s show is packed with advice for singles, couples & self-lovers alike! Whether you need help forming a strategy for dating online, guidelines for your kegel workouts or some sweet sex toy recs, Emily’s got the answers you’re looking for.

Emily and Menace discuss how drinking too much soda may be ruining your junk and answer your emails! How much is too much when it comes to Kegels? How do you get your partner on board with your masturbation needs? The two debate online dating dilemmas and discuss whether it’s better to be single in college than to be tied down by a long distance love.

From Netflix dealbreakers to open relationships to tricks for going down on your partner without rubbing her the wrong way, this podcast covers it all!

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Today’s show is packed with tips to help you solve a range of communication conundrums, from broaching the topic of new toys to concerns with STIs to unease surrounding your partner’s orgasmic abilities.  


Finding it difficult to keep up with the hot new digital dating lingo? Emily and Menace go over a glossary of trending sex and dating terms, from ghosting to benching to haunting—Oh my! Then it’s right into your emails about how to get past your partner’s sexual history, confusion surrounding the female orgasm, and how to discuss bringing new sex toys into play.


Whether you’re unsure how to open up an uncomfortable sex conversation, are struggling to hold onto your condoms, or you just want your partner to tune in to Sex With Emily, this podcast will surely get you talking!

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Why waste the hottest season having sex at home? Today’s show is packed with tips to help take your summer lovin’ to the next level!

Emily and Anderson discuss the latest digital dating trend. Who knew that the outrageously popular Pokemon GO app could actually help you catch a date? Next, Emily proposes three ways to spice things up during these sizzling summer months, and answers your emails on post-sex cleanup and how much is too much when it comes to dirty talk.

From erotic ejaculation to successful car sex to finding love next to a Pikachu, this podcast will surely add a sexy spark to your summer heat.

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On today’s show, Emily and Menace are here to help you through some of your most difficult sex and dating quandaries.

What do you do when you’ve found a great partner, but lost your orgasm in the process? How do you get the sex talk started with a shy lover? And what steps do you take to regain trust after a heartbreaking betrayal? From dating after divorce to issues with intimacy and everything in between, this show comes packed with solutions to a variety of relationship roadblocks.

Whether you’re having trouble managing your military marriage, or you’re dealing with lingering lingerie problems, Emily and Menace have got you covered in this podcast.

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Today’s show is all about YOU. From sex slumps to dating drawbacks and blow job tips for beginners, Emily and Menace are doling out answers to all your sex and relationship uncertainties.

Have your reproductive goals dulled your once-spicy sex life? What’s the best way to conquer oral sex anxieties? And how the heck do you meet someone real in the age of dating apps and bar hookups? Worry not— Emily sheds light on these common sex and love situations and shares advice to get you on the right track. Also discussed: does this generation’s social media proclivity lead to social awkwardness down the line?

Whether you’re hoping to find new love, repair a current relationship or just need a little jump start in your sex life, let this podcast be your guide.

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No matter where we’re at in our sex life, we could all use a push to be little better. Lucky for you, this show is packed with tips on how to grow, both as a lover and a dater. Emily and co-host Anderson help listeners navigate their most troubling coital concerns and drop some helpful sex tips along the way.

First, the two dissect the best and worst words men and women can include in their dating profiles and discuss how online dating has changed in the past 10 years. Then, they take to your emails, subjects including sexual inhibition after a change in your body, alarm over a partner’s porn habit and how to get back in the dating pool after a long break.

Whether you’re dealing with bedroom insecurities or are unsure how to date after a major life change, Emily has the answers you need to reach your sex and relationship potential in this podcast.  

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