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On this show, Emily and Menace are starting the summer celebration by letting us in on the many reasons why this season is the hottest—in more ways than one.

What’s different about summer in California, sex-wise? Does sunlight make people more attractive? How do you beat the heat when you’ve got a hot July date? These are just a few of the topics Emily and Menace touch on before getting to your emails! They address questions from listeners about expectations with an age difference, finding the courage to approach the opposite sex and how NOT to cheat when the opportunity presents itself.

So throw on a swimsuit, find a beach and make this summer your sexiest one yet by tuning in!

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You may recall my relationship spring cleaning show from earlier this year, about knowing when it’s time to call it quits. Well today’s podcast is all about what comes after the breakup!

Emily provides some rock solid tips to help you ease back into the single life, and shares some interesting uncoupling facts. Which gender is most likely to do the dumping? And what’s the average recovery time for a broken heart? Also, Emily and Anderson reminisce over their Loveline days, respond to your emails on clingy partners and female ejaculation, and weigh in on a study that reveals the real defining factor for why a guy chooses to wear a condom.

Whether you’re unsure if you’ve found that elusive g-spot orgasm, want to spend more time with your lover without being clingy, or you’re having trouble adjusting to life post-breakup, this show is chock full of advice to help you with your dating dilemmas

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On this show, Emily and Menace take a call from Emily’s instructor and Somatica Institute founder, Celeste Hirschman to discuss the benefits of sensual intimacy training.

Emily talks with Celeste about her experience with somatica training so far, from the first lesson to homework assignments to her most vulnerable moments. The two discuss how this training can help increase your self-awareness, leading to amplified arousal and more pleasurable sex! Also, Emily and Menace divulge answers to your emails about whether your long-distance relationship is worth it and how to get past your porn habit.

From the power of breath to getting in touch with your inner child, this eye-opening podcast is sure to teach you something new!

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On this show, Emily troubleshoots tricky topics that could either make you hot OR hold you back in the bedroom.

Are you crushing on your married boss? Having trouble getting a guy to go down? Maybe your partner has a fantasy that makes you a little uncomfortable. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg of advice that Emily is dishing out on this show. With Menace’s help, she tackles a plethora of sex and relationship problems and even shares some healthy break-up tips in the process.

From sex drives to penis size, real-estate porn and beyond, this podcast fires on all cylinders with love and sex advice for everyone!

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On this show Emily welcomes her good friend and guest, 7 time WWE champion and fellow podcaster Chris Jericho. Together they traverse a multitude of topics from his pro-wrestling persona to the inherent sexiness of scarves and everything in between.

Chris goes in depth about his path to success, shares his thoughts on wild sex, and discusses the importance of confidence in your dating life. He and Emily also help listeners with questions on mutual masturbation, leg cramps and what NOT to do with your sex toys. Don’t miss it!

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Today’s throwback podcast comes at you straight from the Sex With Emily vault to address one of your favorite sex subjects. It was a mystery in 2015...and still is today. That’s right, we’re talking female ejaculation!


Emily and Anderson hammer out the details of this hot topic with the help of a less-than-scientific study and answer an email about a conscientious squirter. Plus, find out what sex position may just leave you with more pain than pleasure, how porn may be affecting your sex life, and how an innovative purse design is promoting safe sex.

Whether you’ve already chosen a side on the age old debate: to squirt or not to squirt, or you haven’t quite decided, this classic podcast is one you won’t want to miss.

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On this show, Emily is joined by the hosts of the UCB show LadyFreak, Grace Parra & Jen Bartels to talk sex, fantasies and what it’s like being a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets!


Along with Menace, the trio dissect the dating scene in L.A., discuss the different types of female orgasms and determine what exactly makes up the best sex of one’s life. They also answer listener emails on Facebook jealousy and office romances.


From the importance of penis size to what it really means to reach your sexual peak, this show is packed with hot sex talk from 3 hot ladies (and Menace.) No topic is too taboo, so don’t miss it!

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In honor of Adult Sex-Ed Month, this show is focused on expanding your sexual health knowledge. Emily gives a crash course on STD’s and STI’s, from causes to symptoms to the importance of keeping yourself protected.


She also answers emails on a range of sex topics, including when to get tested in a committed relationship, how to improve your deepthroating skills and what to do when your partner withholds sex. She even shares a fun masturbation story, as per a listener’s request.

Sure it’s not the sexiest subject, but the more you know about sexually transmitted diseases and infections, the safer, happier and healthier you’ll be! So do yourself (and your sex partners) a favor and tune in…

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Boundaries: we all have them, but how many of us know how to effectively express them? And what should we do when someone crosses the line? On this show, Emily breaks down the importance of communicating your boundaries, all for the good of your relationship.


With Menace’s help, Emily answers listeners emails about discussing your desires with a partner, carefully navigating non-monogamy, plus what to make of your same-sex fantasies. Also: a startling study about how many people are crossing the threesome threshold in real life.


This podcast tackles all types of boundary-related issues, from sexual to emotional to masturbatory and beyond. Don’t miss it!  

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On this show, Emily is joined by award-winning author, TV personality and podcaster Anna David. With the help of Menace, they address a slew of tricky topics, from bad sex to bad breakups and everything in between.


But first, the ladies recap their weekend get-a-way to Palm Springs and, in celebration of Anna’s newest podcast, open up about their most irritating issues and biggest pet peeves. Then they jump right into answering your emails! Anna, Emily and Menace share expert insight on what to do when you drop an unrequited ‘I love you,’ advise a listener about ejaculation etiquette, and give some step-by-step guidance on how to handle your hardest heartbreaks.


From selfish lovers to post breakup boundaries to finding the most polite place to “finish”, this podcast gives you real answers to the questions you have always been too afraid to ask!

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