Sex With Emily

Get ready for a show full of sexy tricks! On today’s show, Emily is joined by Deputy Jamie to celebrate her two years on the team and what she’s learned, along with a bunch of tips to help all of you have better sex!

The two lovely ladies talk nipple play tips, favorite toys, and ways to get rid of relationship anxiety. Plus, they help listeners navigate through one-night stands, prostate play, how to be ready for round two and so much more. Tune in for some titillating talk!

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Sexuality is a spectrum, and so is gender identity– there aren’t just two choices. On today’s show, Emily talks with three people about what being genderfluid really means and how to understand it all!

Emily is joined by Max, producer of the upcoming film, L: A Story of Genderfluidity, Dany, the main actor in the film, and Jacob, the film’s trusted advisor. Dany and Jacob, who are both genderfluid, with the help of Max, talk with Emily about the social, historical, and political aspects of genderfluidity. This show gives a great insight to life, struggles, terminology, dating, and so much more. Don’t miss your chance to learn beyond the binary!

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The concepts of marriage and monogamy have been around for ages, but does that mean they’re right for us all? On today’s show, Emily is joined by Tao Ruspoli, writer and director of his new film Monogamish, to talk about how relationships have evolved and expanded.

Emily and Tao discuss his inspirations for making his movie, his own journey surrounding monogamy, and how we can talk to our partners about the relationships we want. The two also give their advice on how to move forward after breakups, how to let go of an infidelity, and worries over leaving the swinger lifestyle. This show is full of insight, great discussion, and raises the question– is monogamy for everyone? Tune in!

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Today’s a very special episode of Sex With Emily, filled with studio firsts! Emily is joined by songstress and creator of the game “The F’ING Truth,” Carsie Blanton for live music, game play, & a whole lot of sex talk!

Emily talks with Carsie about how she expresses her sexuality through her music and used it as inspiration for her hot, new game that gets people talking about their sex lives. The two also help a few listeners with their coital questions, Jamie and intern Shannon join in for a bit of F’ING truth, and Carsie even performs one of her songs live! This show is chock full of fun and advice, so tune in!

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Emily’s mission has always been to help people have the best sex they can. On today’s show, she’s joined by editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Michele Promaulayko, a magazine that’s had a similar goal since the 1960s!

Emily and Michele both know a thing or two when it comes to sex, relationships, and ways to improve both. They talk about how the magazine has evolved, different sex trends, sex and society, peppered with a few stories of their own. Plus, they answer questions about friend jealousy, long distance sex, and announce a sexy contest! Tune in and find out, just what is the moaning mermaid?

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Talking: it saves us and it confounds us. On today’s show, Emily is joined by Menace to help write your sex script for a better time in the bedroom!

How do you find casual sex partners? Is there an easy way to tell your partner it’s time to drop some lbs? Feeling pressured to put a ring on it? Emily and Menace give advice on how to start these sex and dating discussions as well as giving you a crash course on hot phone sex. Tune in and listen up!

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Ever feel like you’re not having enough sex? Well, you’re not alone. On today’s show, Emily is joined by Anderson to make sure that the sex you are having is the best it can be!

Need foreplay suggestions other than a hand job? How do you get your wife to be the sexual goddess she once was? Are you a squirter and proud? Emily and Anderson help listeners with these coital conundrums, as well as discussing how our cell phones are so distracting us– we’re having less sex. Tune in for a show full of great hacks and tips!

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They say that money can’t buy happiness, but what can? On today’s show Emily is joined by Menace to show you that all you really need to be happy is a little relaxation and a whole lot of pleasure!

You’re trying to up your sex game, but is your partner even worth the trouble? How do you know when someone’s a certified douche canoe? When your love is locked up, is it okay to want to stray? Emily and Menace help listeners get through these sex and dating issues, plus go over why adequate sex and sleep make you the happiest version of you. Tune in!

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On today’s throwback show, Emily and Anderson welcomes Baywatch babe turned culture icon Carmen Electra into the studio! They give their advice on social anxiety creating sexual hurdles, oral sex challenges, and dating do’s and don’ts.


Carmen talks about her road to success– from her Ohio beginnings to her experience in the music industry to her sex life! From what’s sexiest to sexual pet peeves, the three get down and dirty with the naughty details, as well as how to use lube to its full potential. If you missed it once, don’t miss it again!


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Ready for another round? On today’s show, Emily is joined again by fellow podcaster Lynette Carolla to help put your sex and dating worries to bed.

Do you get too wet during sex? How do you transition from texting to actually seeing each other? Want to learn how to be less intimidating? Emily and Lynette help callers and listeners work through these dilemmas, plus they talk about something that’s always been controversial– pubes. Don’t miss it!


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