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Communicating about sex is almost as hard as having the best sex ever, but it doesn’t have to be. On today’s show Emily is joined by fellow podcaster and long time friend Lynette Carolla, host of For Crying out Loud and Sword and Scale Rewind, to help you start the sex conversation!

Emily and Lynette are no strangers to putting it all out on the table. The two talk about specific moves to pleasure a woman (hint: it involves the clitoris), how to talk to your partner about what you want in bed, and they help a few callers with their bedroom dilemmas. This show is chock full of laughs, sage advice, and sex tips you’ll want to write down. Tune in!

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This is a Sex With Emily first! We know how much you love roundtable shows with lovely ladies, but today’s a roundtable of three real and down-to-earth guys to talk all things sex and relationships!

Emily is joined by Chad, Hartwick, and Gavin– three guys having fun in the single lane. From dating apps to casual sex to what makes for a bad blowjob, the crew covers it all. Emily gets these guys to open up about their best sexual experience and what they’ve yet to cross off their sexual bucket list. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know what real men actually think about sex, tune in!

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Some people have a stem of unhealthy relationships, and can’t seem to figure out why. On today’s show, Emily is joined by best selling author Neil Strauss to talk about his journey through relationships that will help others get to the root of their issues!


Emily and Neil converse about the importance on emotional health and working on yourself before opening up to relationships. They talk about different types of therapy, ways to regain confidence, and communicating to become better lovers and people overall. Oh, and an impromptu discussion about dick pics! Don’t miss this truly invigorating discussion.


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There are so many ways to identify yourself– or not identify if that’s how you feel. On today’s show, Emily is joined by actor and host of The Love Bomb podcast Nico Tortorella and the two are talking all about sexual fluidity!


Emily and Nico discuss everything from bisexuality to pansexuality, monogamy to polyamory, and what it means to be sexually fluid. They talk about how opening yourself up to all types of love can help you have the best sex imaginable, and experience pleasure in ways you never thought possible. So tune in for a show filled with great insight and sexual tension!


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On today’s show, Emily is joined by three smart, sexy, and open women to talk about their sex lives–without sparing the details! 

Sarah, Stephanie, and Mary are three women in their 30s trying to have the best sex possible– just like all of you. Emily talks to them about everything, from fantasies to how they date to what they like in the bedroom, right down to how they orgasm! This show is like some good ole fashioned girl talk– amplified. Tune in to hear what women truly think about sex.

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There’s no doubt that way we view and engage in sex is constantly changing. On today’s show, Emily sits down with friend,colleague, and sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner to talk about sex, relationships, eroticism, and more!

Emily and Ian talk in depth about the discourse of intercourse, meaning that sex isn’t just about penetration. They also cover sexual cliteracy, explore the different types of non monogamous relationships, core erotic themes, and how sex has changed over the years. Tune in for a truly inspiring show!

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LBGT, Pan, and Poly oh my! Nearing the end of our Alternative Sex Month we are throwing it back to one of our favorites with porn star, business woman, and trans trailblazer Venus Lux!

A pioneer in the alternative sex community– she isn't shy about speaking openly on a range of love and sex topics. Emily and Venus discuss everything from dating to pansexuality to pubic hair to trans post-op insecurities. No matter your orientation or gender this show will teach you a thing or two about the porn industry, gender identity and trans visibility. If you missed this the first time don't miss out now!

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Let’s get down to business… of getting busy! On today’s show, Emily is taking your calls and getting to the route of your sex and relationship issues to help you get back to the sex life you deserve!

Can’t get passed your anal sex mental block? How do you tell your casual hookup they need a shower before you go down on them? Are you on the fence about having a MFM threesome with your girlfriend? Emily talks callers through these bedroom roadblocks and more, so listen in for some great, sexy advice!

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Everyone’s heard them talk about their search for love, but what about sex? On today’s show, Emily is joined by Vinny Ventiera and Daniel Maguire from The Bachelor in Paradise for some incredibly candid sex talk!  

These guys aren’t afraid to talk about everything and anything– from dating to sex, masturbation to oral, and foreplay to anal. What are guys and girls turn-ons and turn-offs? What are some new tricks to go down on a girl? Why should you use lube? Emily and the guys cover all of these topics and more, plus they have a live lube taste test! Don’t miss out!

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Attraction; the initial force that drives sex, love, and lust. Rarely does it stick around… without effort that is. On today’s show, Emily is joined by sex and intimacy speaker and coach John Wineland to help you keep the attraction alive in your sex life!

Can you tell how much chemistry you have with someone after just one date?  How do you talk about intimacy with your spouse? Is it possible to create “hot attraction” on your own? Emily and John touch upon these intimate issues, plus they talk all about attraction, seduction, the different types of sex, & how to master them all. Tune in and get intimate!

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