Sex With Emily

The first step to better sex and relationships is realizing something needs to change. On today’s show, Emily is here to help you make that change to have the best sex yet!

Want to be confident when trying something new in bed? Confused about liking your girlfriend’s fetish? Is it time to admit, “he’s just not that into you?” These are just a few of the common conundrums Emily gives her sage advice about. Plus, she and Jamie compare their recent excursions with a penis ring as well as sharing some Masturbation Routine winners. Don’t miss it!

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Our bodies are road maps of pleasure– we just have to make time to discover new paths. On today’s show, Emily is joined by the Pleasure Muse, Dolly Josette,  who helps people figure out what they truly want to to have the best sex lives possible!

Want some tips on how to light that sex spark after it’s been extinguished? Wondering how to gauge your man’s pleasure meter? Need help mastering the art of seduction? These lovely ladies give their best advice on these issues, plus, they talk about what a sexological bodyworker really does. Don’t miss it!

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When it comes to sex, an attitude of been there, done that won’t get you anywhere. On today’s show, Emily plays the role of “tour guide” to help navigate you to a better and healthier sex life!

When’s the right time to introduce your inner freak to your new guy? How do you go from business talk to pillow talk? Looking for some nipple play accouterments? Plus, tune in to find out the parts of the body you should never ignore in bed!

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Keeping the heat a live in a long term relationship isn’t always easy, especially if you’re on reality TV. On today’s show Emily is joined by Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs Of Sunset to talk foreplay tricks, sex talk tips, and how to set the mood.

Does your partner shy away from giving oral sex? Need help with feelings of unfounded jealousy bubbling up? Ladies– should you freeze your eggs? Emily and MJ discuss these topics as well as go over MJ’s own sex life, and well, it’s worth the listen. This show is a wild one, so don’t miss it!

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Have you ever wished you could read the mind of the person you’re sleeping with? Unless you’re Edward Cullen, it’s a wish that will never be granted– but there is hope yet! On today’s throwback show, Emily is joined by Harriet, Atara, Chloe and Menace to uncover the mystery on everyone’s mind: what’s the opposite sex really thinking?

Wondering how to improve your foreplay game? Want to know if she’s really into you? This round table of real women (and Menace) cover these topics, and more. Plus, they dish on early sexperiences, porn picks, as well as pubic hair preferences. If you missed it the first time, don’t miss it again!

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Over-analyzation is an issue many of us struggle with. And in your sex and dating life, it can be causing your downfall. On today’s show, Emily is joined by co-host Anderson to help you switch from your toughest critic to your biggest fan!

Wondering how to channel your inner #girlboss in bed? Want to fantasize freely without feeling guilty? Maybe, you just need tips to stop self-sabotaging. Whatever your qualms, it’s time to stop pushing these questions to the back of your mind and take a deep breathe. So, tune in and unlock those sexy desires!

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Even in the “hookup culture,” the stigma still remains when it comes to casual sex. On today’s show, Emily’s here to reframe the way we think about casual sex– whether you are all for it, hesitant, or it just isn’t your thing.

How does one go about initiating casual sex? Are you trying to get your groove back after an STD diagnosis? Trying to cope with your partner's sexual fluidity? Emily gives insight on these not-so-easily-tackled conundrums and more to help you feel empowered and guilt-free, no matter what your situation is. Don’t miss it. 

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We’ve all heard the term renaissance man, but what about renaissance woman? On today’s show, Emily is joined by TV personality, model, fitness guru, & creator and host of The Naked Mom podcast Brooke Burke-Charvet, the woman who does it all, to talk about well… how she does it all!

Emily and Brooke talk about how important it is to keep sex alive in a marriage, especially if you have kids, and tips to keeping the relationship fresh and exciting! From vacation sex, to getting dolled up for dates, to the crazy hormones that come along with PMS, they cover it all. Plus, the two superwomen give their sage advice on mismatched libidos, getting a stronger pelvic floor and so much more. You’ll want to tune in for these two sexy ladies!

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Ever heard that in order to master something, you have to put in ten thousand hours? Sex and relationships are no exception. On today’s show, Emily is joined by co-host Anderson to help coach you through life’s hardest (literally) challenges!

Wondering if training for a marathon can pay off on the streets and in the sheets? Want some tips on “duty dating?” Plus, make sure you tune in to see what women value more: great verbal skills or great bedroom skills!

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Say goodbye to sexual awkwardness and hello to sexual confidence! On today’s show, Emily is joined by SWE team member Jamie to help you break out of your shell and embrace your sexiness no matter what stands in your way (even if it’s yourself!).

Want some tips on facing your fear of rejection? Wondering how to have hot sex even if Aunt Flo is in town? Are you ready to find your inner cowgirl and own the rodeo? These are just a few sexual tribulations Emily and Jamie go over, plus they talk about their own sexual preferences! Also, find out why music makes sex even sexier. Tune in for the steamy details!

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