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Apr 12, 2016

On this throwback podcast from 2014, Emily wants all you fellas out there to be the best you can be.. Especially in the bedroom! She lists the 5 most common mistakes guys make in the sack, and gives advice on how to avoid them.

But first, Emily and Menace start off with a discussion on dating and mating in the LA scene, and consider some questions of modern-day monogamy. Does your spouse have a secret Plan B?

Then it’s on to mens’ most notorious bedroom mistakes! Emily teaches tricks to help you slow down, ask the right questions and view every vagina as an opportunity to learn. You’ll be a bedroom master in no time!

From Facebook “poking” to scrotal condoms to the car that’ll make you say “Give me the D”, this classic show is chock full of fun tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your sex and dating game. Check it out!