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May 17, 2016

Masturbation Month is still in full swing, and we’re continuing the self-love celebration with a throwback podcast from May 2015! Emily breaks down the benefits of masturbation, and explains how mastering your own pleasure will propel your sex life to a whole nother echelon. Get special self-love tips for both men and for women, and learn what’s new in stimulating yourself.

So who came up with Masturbation Month anyway? Emily enlightens us on the origins of the month-long celebration, shares tips on how to locate your elusive G-spot, and provides her top picks for new sex toys to add to your repertoire. Make this May the month you try some different masturbation methods—Nipple orgasm, anyone?

No matter what your masturbation question, this classic show is sure to have the answer to your every self-love quandary. So pick a (G)spot, get comfortable and don’t miss out on this classic Sex With Emily!