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Apr 26, 2016

This special “drunk” edition of Sex With Emily comes at you live, straight from Emily’s living room! She, Menace and the whole team take a drink or two (okay, or three) in hopes of producing the first ever drunk podcast, but it’s not all fun and drinking games—They also go in depth on the topic of ghosting and take the “Sex Question Quickie” Challenge… Well, they do the best they can.

Do you know the difference between the sex lives of dog and cat owners? Why do you keep getting ghosted? Is pizza better than burgers? These are just a few of the questions Emily and Menace tackle on their journey to the other side of “tipsy”. They stumble through some bizarre sex facts, address a listener’s dating dilemma and even reveal some sobering truths about their own turn ons and turn offs.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to party with Emily & Menace, then this is the show for you! There’s a variety of spirits, a snapchat snafu, and a whole lotta sex talk. Don’t miss it!