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Mar 28, 2014

We've all been placed in the dreaded "Friend Zone',  but consider this your last time. This weeks show is about how to get out of the Friend Zone, because let's face it, you'd rather be lovers than BFF's. Emily and Menace give tips about how to create distance, confidence and how to let her or him know that it's a date not a hang out. Menace talks about his time spent in the friend zone and how he got out of it.
Emily and Menace don't miss San Francisco that much, and the share the perks and pitfalls of their nee Los Angeles location. They update the sex in the news with topics about Robin Thick and T.I.'s marriage scandals, "The Real Housewives" criminal charges, what happens when you sue your prostitute, how "Teen Mom" is a great birth control for the younger generation, and the real dangers of having a cellphone (and the rules Menace has to protect himself).