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May 20, 2016

We’ve all got our own ways of showing ourselves the love, so to speak, but sometimes we may need a little help getting in the mood. In this show, Emily takes us through her top tips for getting into the masturbation mindset!

Are you rushing through your self-love sessions? Getting O-Blocked by stress? When it come to fantasizing, does your mind draw a blank? Whether you’re new to solo sex or would simply like to step up your self-love game, Emily has tips to help you create a sensual space, think sexy thoughts and make masturbation into an erotic experience from the moment you hit the bedroom until the last climactic stroke. Also, advice for a listener on how to organize the perfect orgy and an interesting study on lady Gorillas that reminds us that sexuality is anything but black and white.

From marijuana to meditation to kicking your dog out of the bedroom, this podcast is packed with tips to help you find your perfect path to self-pleasure. Dim the lighting, lay back and enjoy the ride!