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Apr 29, 2016

We’ve all got insecurities, both in the bedroom and and in our relationships. So how do you stop them from getting in the way of your happiness? In this show, Emily shares advice to help you overcome self-doubt and face your love and sex uncertainties head on!

But first, she and Menace dissect PornHub’s new “text for porn” emoji campaign. Can you guess what texting an eggplant to the porn site will get you? How about a pair of scissors? Then it’s on to your emails. Emily tackles the topics of retrospective jealousy, penis insecurities, and how to take your sex toys through TSA! (As long as you’re not flying to Alabama.) Also, is it okay to bust out lube on the first date? She and Menace weigh in.

Whether you’re dealing with your own problems with jealousy or a partner’s past infidelities, self-doubt can be a real romance killer. If you’re nervous about something in your sex, dating or love life, just sit back, relax, and let Emily ease your mind in this week’s podcast.