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Mar 21, 2015

When it comes to married sex versus single sex, is the grass really greener on the single side? 

In this show, Emily welcomes Lynette Carolla, the host of the hilarious podcast For Crying Out Loud, not to mention wife and mother of two. She and Emily swap stories from their very different dating lives, and Lynette shares her candid opinions on sex, marriage and single-person envy. Plus, after 20 years with the same man, Lynette knows a little something about keeping the sex hot, and is ready to share her wisdom. From her relationship with well-known podcaster Adam Carolla to her personal secret for marital bliss, Lynette holds nothing back.

Whether you’re single, married or stuck somewhere in between, stop wondering if the grass is greener and start putting in the effort to help it grow! This show has the advice you need to get started.. Check it out!