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Mar 1, 2016

As we get older and wiser, our dating situations are bound to evolve along with us. From discovering new sexual horizons to being honest with yourself and strong in your goals, this show is all about pointing you in the direction of pleasure and satisfaction.

First on the docket: how to orally please a woman. Going down on a woman can often be a baffling labyrinth of lady-parts, and some guys need help to get it right. Luckily, Emily is here to impart the 3 most important cunnilingus components and explains how to employ them in an expert fashion. She also provides advice on how to decipher a guy’s post-breakup behavior and helps a listener figure out why his girlfriend gave up sex for lent (and more importantly, what to do about it).

Whether you’re looking for oral sex tips, communication pointers or an explanation for why your guy can’t keep his hand out of his pants, Emily’s got the guidance you’re looking for!