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Jul 5, 2016

You may recall my relationship spring cleaning show from earlier this year, about knowing when it’s time to call it quits. Well today’s podcast is all about what comes after the breakup!

Emily provides some rock solid tips to help you ease back into the single life, and shares some interesting uncoupling facts. Which gender is most likely to do the dumping? And what’s the average recovery time for a broken heart? Also, Emily and Anderson reminisce over their Loveline days, respond to your emails on clingy partners and female ejaculation, and weigh in on a study that reveals the real defining factor for why a guy chooses to wear a condom.

Whether you’re unsure if you’ve found that elusive g-spot orgasm, want to spend more time with your lover without being clingy, or you’re having trouble adjusting to life post-breakup, this show is chock full of advice to help you with your dating dilemmas